Perast in Montenegro 🇲🇪


Perast Lies NE of the Prolaz Verige

You can tie up alongside the quay depth 3m

Bow/stern to a boya

Exposed to winds from all directions 

The two islands lying to the W of Perast:

Gospa od Skrpjela  42˚29.222’N 018˚41.447’E

WARNING: The bura wind here blows from the Bay of Risan towards the Verige Pass and is not so strong at the docks. Sirocco and maestral winds that blow from the Verige Pass do not create large waves.

Sveti Djordje  42˚29.153’N 018˚41.452’E

Deep water around the islands, with a shallower patch with just 7m over it N of Gospa

Between the islands 4m depth

visit the church & museum, Tie up at the quay, if tripping boat comes along- move your boat

Shelter from W & NW wind

Strait of Verige – Anchoring prohibited

he narrowest and most picturesque place of the Boka Bay of Kotor, which intersects the Tivat, Risan and Kotor bays. The average depth of the strait is 30 meters, and the width is not more than 250 meters. Despite its size, the Strait of Verige is quite restless due to the constant strong current

Veriga is a long strait surrounded by beautiful scenic forests. Since the water in it is fresh, the canal is full of fish and other underwater inhabitants, some of whom prefer to remain unnoticed and hide in algae.

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Things to do
  • visit the church & museum


  • Perast  42˚29.294’N 018˚41.902’E Gospa od Skrpjela  42˚29.222’N 018˚41.447’E Sveti Djordje  42˚29.153’N 018˚41.452’
    WARNING: The port is well-protected from wind, apart from the western winds that cause waves. The bura wind is strong, but it does not create waves. During low tide, the north-western currents are strong next to the docks and the shore; to the north of the docks, the inflow of the Škurda River creates a current that can become strong after rainfall.

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