Porto Montenegro Tivat in Montenegro 🇲🇪


Approach :No dangers & easy to see 

Entrance from the N between the two breakwater 

Superyacht berths- on the S side

Marina Kaliman is on the SE. Small & no space for visitors

The town quay- on the SE. 

Excellent shelter

All facilities can be found

Porto Montenegro’s marina dock staff are available 24 hours and MUST be contacted before arrival and prior to departure. Upon arrival, please provide the following information:

  • Vessel name
  • Vessel length
  • Berth code (if known)
  • Last port of call (if arriving from a foreign port see our Clearance Information Sheet)


The entrance to the marina is marked with red and green lights at night – the green light on the head of N breakwater while the red light is on the head of Jetty 5. Keep clear of Jetty 4 (outer side) due to shallow waters (marked with orange buoys).


The assistance of a small dinghy boat may also be requested on VHF channel 71. The dock crew will be standing by for arrival and departure.

WARNING: To the west of the far-western cape of Stradioti Island is a shallow area that stretches for half a mile, at the end of which is a sign and a light; the eastern end of the Bay of Tivat (Podpolje Bay) is shallow with shellfish farms, so you cannot anchor there; runway lights of Tivat Airport are located at the end of the Bay; the Bay is also well-protected from bura winds, and open to westerly winds.

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  • Porto Montenegro Tivat 42˚26.03’N 018˚41.33’E Telephone: +382 (0) 32 660 990 Email: [email protected] VHF Channel: 71

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